Как путешествовать по Армении недорого в 2022 году

budget travel in Armenia 2020

In 2020 several popular travel magazines and online platforms mentioned Armenia on their annual top destinations lists. Among them Booking.com included Yerevan, Armenia in Top 10 Trending Destinations for 2020. Moreover, travel experts of Financial Times picked Armenia as one of the hottest destinations to go lists in 2020. With Armenia gaining popularity among touristic destinations, we are here to give an insider guide on how to travel in Armenia on budget in 2020 and still experience “Hayastan” to the fullest.


Few years ago prices on air tickets to Armenia used to be a major obstacle for budget tourists. In 2022 the country will get its first low-cost airline links with western Europe. RyanairWizz and Air Baltic are all due to launch flights, connecting the capital Yerevan with cities including Milan, Rome, Berlin and Vienna. Tickets’ price point starts from 30 EUR.


A wide range of cheap hostels and guest houses are available in downtown Yerevan. Hosts offer breakfast and average low budget costs (average 6-10 EUR).


Food in Armenia is budget friendly. Weather you choose to cook dinner yourself or spend time at the nearby café, you will be satisfied with the quality and prices. If you choose to cook yourself, make sure your host offers shared kitchen. Groceries for one week will cost you 11-12 EUR. Our personal recommendation is try what country offers. You can try delicious street food, shawarma and lahmajun (starting from 1.50 EUR) or try zhingyalov hats, Armenian traditional bread stuffed with greens (1.69 EUR). For those who have sweet-tooth, Grand Candy is a great place to try donuts (0.19 EUR per piece) and buy Armenian candy as souvenir.


Cities in Armenia are quite small, even Yerevan downtown is quite walkable. Regular microbuses, buses are in line up till midnight (0.19 EUR per ride). Metro underground is available till 11 p.m. (0.19 EUR per ticket). Local Uber services are available in Yerevan and few other major cities.

Don’t hesitate to ask locals for guidance. Everyone is willing to help, even if they don’t speak perfect English.

You can book one of the available free city tours, just make sure to tip.

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