Достопримечательности Армении, куда стоит отправиться в поход

hiking and trekking in Armenia

Rich in breathtaking natural, historical, and cultural landscapes and other fascinating attractions Armenia offers to the curious and adventurous travelers. High-peak mountains, rivers, and lush forests make hiking and trekking in Armenia unique destination for adventure travelers. A land with remote regions, forts, and monasteries to discover will never cease to impress.

Trekking in Armenia is the best to explore fascinating natural landscapes and must-see sights in Armenia.

Aragats Mountain

Aragats mountain has four summits, with the highest peak (4096 m) being highest in Armenia.  You can trek all of them if you take a multi-day hike, yet if you are an expertise hiker, you can do it in one day. One of the peaks is also famous for Kari (Stone) lake. The lake is on the 3200 m. height for that reason, hiking usually starts here.

Best season for climbing is from July to August months, but if you are a skilled mountaineer, you can enjoy the peak of Aragats anytime.

Smbataberd fortress and Tsakhats Kar Monastery

Smbataberd fortress is resting on an impregnable precipice, naturally defended by gorges, this also adds extra spice to your hike. The fortress is one of the brightest examples of typical Armenian landscape: nature and architecture in harmonious coexistence.

Continue your hike to Tsakhats Kar Monastery.

Located about 3.5 km north from the fortress Smbataberd, this 10th century monastic complex was an important educational center in the Middle Ages. Bezoar goats wander in this region and if you are lucky enough you will be able to observe them.

Dilijan National Park

Another great hiking trail is in resort town Dilijan. Dilijan National Park is one of the most densely forested areas in Armenia. There are numerous hiking trails here offering not only unbelievable experience of hiking in lofty nature but also to see splendid architecture. 

hikind and trekking in Armenia

Lakes Parz and Gosh

The trekking routes and hiking trails here vary in difficulty levels, so every hiker will find an appropriate hike in the park. Hiking and trekking in Armenia becomes very mindful here because of its tranquil nature.  One of the most popular hiking trails is the one connecting Lake Parz to Lake Gosh. Located 1400 m above the sea Parz and Gosh lakes offer boats. camping, fishing etc.

Tatev Monastery

Visit Tatev monastery and explore the beautiful gorges and mountains. There is a set of different hikes described on a big sign near the monastery. These trails can take you to as many exotic places as you want. 

Also don’t miss the chance to take a ride on world’s record ropeway Tatever.