Армения: Шпаргалка для путешествия по Армении

Wondering what to explore in Armenia besides ancient cathedrals? Armenia has much more to offer and show. Weather you’re a back pack traveler, adventure seeker or comfort lover, you can always find your perfect travel plan in Armenia. We created a quick travel cheat-list for you to tick and go.


Yerevan or the Pinky city, the capital of Armenia with a history of 2801 years, which makes it 29 years younger than Rome itself. Best way to explore Yerevan is a nice evening walk, as long as downtown is quite small and walkable.

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UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Carahunge, Armenian ancient observatory (7500 years), older than its British counterpart.

The 6000 year old wine cellar in Areni-1 cave in Vayots Dzor, Armenia.

The oldest shoe in the world (5500 years old) found in the same Areni-1 cave. Who else knows what will scientists find here next.


Choose one of cozy cafes with great wine and food on Saryan street or visit a music club. Classical, jazz, blues and chanson melodies accompany the atmosphere of Yerevan the best. Armenia is homeland for many talented musicians and singers, such as Charles Aznavour. Enjoy the evening Yerevan, wine and music.

Food and Drinks

The delicious Armenian cuisine with its Dolmas and Phaklavas. Restaurants and cafes are affordable for anyone, and the quality is the best.

Armenians are very serious about using vegetables and fruits. Apricots and pomegranates grow here for 4000 years. Make sure to hit local markets for your doze of vitamins. In case you’re not quite a healthy lifestyle promoter, fruit wines and fruit spirits are to die for!

Activities and Experiences  

The longest cable car in the world “Tatev’s Wings” classified under the Guinness Book. The view is mesmerizing.

Armenia is the first Christian nation in the world since 301. Churches and cathedrals are nothing new in here. Christian Holidays are favorites of locals and probably the best way to intervene into local atmosphere. Vardavar day, is known the best. Under Christian tradition, everyone pours rose water on each other as a blessing. Now days the tradition evolved and turned into a game and lots of fun. Don’t bother to get wet, the festival takes place in July. So you will get dry soon.

Vernissage, open-air handicraft market found near Republic square in Yerevan. This is the best place for the souvenirs, from magnets to Armenian flute, named Doudouk and more.

Ararat Brandy Company: enjoy the tour in the distillation room and brandy tasting afterwards. World renowned Armenian brandy was favorite of Mr. Churchill himself.

The magnificent view of the biblical mount Ararat. The marvelous stone beauty is seen from almost every corner of Yerevan. The posture of Biblical mountain inspires anybody.